Therapy sessions for children are similar to those for the “grown- ups”. Only difference is that we reduce the treatment time. Child therapy sessions are focused on re-balancing the child.  In a creative way we work on increasing the body-mind awareness and improve the child’s self-esteem. Meanwhile physical and emotional (stress) tensions are released and the child’s energy-system is restored.

See special website pages for:
– Psychic & HSP Children (Highly Sensitive children) – click here
– Teenagers – click here

Technical info about the Child’s therapy session
The only difference in working with children is that the whole approach is more creative. Regular techniques are interwoven with those of the theater and dance world. For example we could use symbolism of an animal to assist in emotional expression and breath control. Or visualize theatrical scenes to help the child overcome fears. Working in this way the child feels more at ease. The more creative fun we have the better the session works. Beneficial side-effect usually is that the child easily applies the therapy tricks at home, school, sport etc.

Therapy sessions
– Energy healing: revitalizes the child’s energy. Healing usually soothens & relaxes the child. A relaxed mindset assists the child to sleep better at night. In daytime it assist a child to more easily remain focused on school/sport/music etc
– Massage therapy: combination of stretching/massage & movement. This increases your child’s body awareness and the unique rhythmic breathing pattern.  Improves your child’s self-esteem.

Practical details:
Please make sure that your child wears easy/comfortable clothes during this session eg: T-shirt & training trousers or leggings.
During therapy session a parent or person responsible for the childcare are allowed to stay in. 

Good to know
According to Dutch law parents/guardians have to give their permission to me for therapy.  Children from ages of 12 to 16 have to give me their permission as well to give them therapy and their will is leading. 16-Year-old Children are allowed to make their own therapy choice.