zeesterMassage therapy improves your body awareness. Eases breath control. It assists you in releasing all stress and tensions out of your system. You’ll feel revitalized in body, mind & spirit afterwards.

The massage therapy session techniques
During this session we will work on rebalancing the natural flow of energy & blood through your physical body. A variety of massage techniques can be applied.  For example: deep tissue massage, TCM meridians  reflexology/acupressure, classic sports massage, holistic massage, reflexology foot/hand or head. Reflexology is mostly combined with stretching, active breathing, emotional stress release, energy healing and holistic pulsing.  Specific techniques for emotional trauma release can be applied when necessary. For deeper relaxation Tibetan singing bowls can be struck. Energy healing techniques will be applied automatically if necessary.

Massage therapy is part of complementary health therapy
Some Dutch health insurance companies partly reimburse the therapy costs to you. Please check tab ”booking & rates” for more details. A massage therapy session can be booked for 45 min (light), for 60 min (normal) or 90 min (intensive).

The effect
Thanks to the subtly combined massage & energy healing techniques, you’ll notice that my therapy sessions will have a long-lasting effect on you.  And assist you in the release of painful memories stored in your body.  Your body posture and bodymind awareness will improve mostly. Improving your resilience in a harmonious way.

The personal touch
Every session ends by giving you some personal ‘easy to do’ exercises. These are free extras. Could be anything from a visualisation to a physical exercise all to increase your bodymind awareness. Whatever is necessary to assist you best this very moment!