How to book
For information about location and working hours check here: CONTACT

Please feel free to contact me for more information, to book a therapy session, or to reschedule an appointment. Contactdetails:
Elisabeth van Rijn
mobile phone: (+31) 06 – 13 73 22 27

During the Corona Virus / COVID-19 period I follow the latest guidelines of the RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) :
The Practice has reopened since 3rd of March 2021. 

Practice “new style” in COVID-19 times!  In short: Before the session takes place this HealthChecklist will be sent to you. A little more information about your health is needed. Please feel free to speak up your mind as well. We then consider how the best therapy session can be offered to you. Extra hygiene measures are applied in the practice. You are welcome in the practice just as well as for an online therapy session (privacy-proof system: “Therapieland”) or by phone.

Cancellation & reschedule policy
– Your therapy session appointment is reserved specifically for you. Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
– Late cancellations (within 24 hours notice): Unless you’ve found someone to instantly replace you,  I’m afraid and sorry to inform you that you then will be charged for the full cost of the booked therapy session.  Thank you for your kind understanding.
– Please note that in case of exceptional circumstances (like now in the covid-19 period) you won’t be charged.

Practical information:
– Take good care of yourself on the day the treatment session takes place.
– Be there in time in order to be fully aware when we start the treatment session.
– Take a bit of extra time-off afterwards to deepen the effect of the treatment session.

The rates for the Year 2020 & the Year 2021 are as follows: unchanged for 4 successive years. Complementary Health Therapy  (= massage therapy & healing & reflexology)  has VAT exemption. The rates are inclusive 21% VAT for Coaching/Psychic Reading/Spiritual Healing or Workshop participation.

Some Dutch Health Insurances offer partly reimbursement for the expenses of Complementary Health Therapy (also known as “Alternative Healthcare”) in their additional health coverage insurance. More info is found below. Coaching/Psychic Reading/Spiritual Healing or workshop participation can’t be claimed as Complementary Health Therapy.  It might be good to know that all I offer you is of equally refined quality!

Please note that I always allow a little extra time of 10 minutes on the end of each session, this is for free.

Adults               Rates for the Year 2020 
(incl 21% VAT)
Rates for the Year 2021
(incl 21% VAT)
30 minutes 49 Euro 49 Euro
45 minutes 64 Euro 64 Euro
1 hour 79 Euro 79 Euro
1½ hours 94 Euro 94 Euro
2 hours 120 Euro 120 Euro
Children aged 0 – 16 years  *) Rates for the Year  2020 *)
(incl 21% VAT)
Rates for the Year 2021 *)
(incl 21% VAT)
15 minutes 34 Euro 34 Euro
30 minutes 44 Euro 44 Euro
45 minutes 59 Euro 59 Euro
1 hour 74 Euro 74 Euro
1½ hours 89 Euro 89 Euro

*) Also applies for Students within the possession of a valid Student Pass.

Therapy Payment & Payment for coaching and workshop participation
– The therapy payment or payment for workshop participation and coaching sessions can be transferred to the bank account of my BOMISPI healing practice. This bank account number is printed in the invoice you receive during the appointment. The payment has to be transferred to my account within 14 days after the appointment took place.

– If your Dutch Health Insurance partly reimburses the therapy costs to you. Please send them the invoice after you’ve transferred the money to my bank account.

– Cash payments are not accepted in COVID-19 times. Please note that I prefer transferring the payment to my BOMISPI healing practice bank account. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Your advantage is that I meet high qualification standards for Complementary Health Therapy, which are:
– qualification as a licensed complementary health therapist (graduated bachelor degree level including medical- & psychopathology knowledge with the education being ”CPION certified”
– member of the Dutch Complementary Health Organisation LVNT
– registered in the Dutch Complementary Health Register RBCZ
– member of the Dutch Healthcare Quality & Complaint Control organization SCAG for the Dutch Law “Wkkgz” (Dutch law for quality & complaints in healthcare).

As a result some Dutch healthcare insurance companies offer partly reimbursement for Complementary Health Therapy expenses to you. Please contact them for detailed information!!

Find out more details in the LVNT website about the partly Reimbursement for Complementary Health by Dutch health insurance companies for the Year 2021 (in Dutch language only) click here: Health Insurance Therapy Reimbursement List 2021

For the Year 2021 a cut down in costs is to be expected for reimbursement of Complementary Health Therapy (Alternative Healthcare). More info about Dutch Health Insurances for the Year 2021 in English language you can find out  here (“zorgvergelijker” – a Dutch health insurance compare website) Please contact your Health Insurance company for specific details.

Please note that Dutch health insurance companies will make the final decision about the restitution amount for the Complementary Health Therapy expenses (Also known as “Alternative Healthcare” in the insurance policies). Please contact your insurance company for detailed information.  No juridical rights can be claimed for the given information on this website or the LVNT’s website.