Hi, thank you for reading a bit more about me. For me it is natural to bridge the invisible world with the real one. Understanding the deeper levels of reality. I’m an open minded, realistic person who will approach you with a dash of sparkling energy and an optimistic smile. Quality & enthusiasm are what I stand for. To stay up-to-date in basic medical knowledge, psychology and spiritual development, masterclasses are followed frequently as well as peer consultation.

Respect for nature & culture is what drives me to have a deep interest in you. And a lifetime of experience to offer to those with HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).  How to reconnect you with your inner self, your life rhythm, your simple way of just being yourself. Where is the natural flow of your life disturbed? Is it in your body, mind or spirit that the flow of energy is stuck. Stress, anxiety, worries all disturb the human resilience, your natural health capacity and deplete the immune system. In my therapy sessions I focus on restoring the energy flow in body, mind or spirit applying the complementary health techniques for which I was qualified.
The World is so much more beautiful when you shine your light for the full 100%!

Please feel free to contact me for any remaining questions:
Elisabeth van Rijn
e-mail: bomispi@gmail.com
mobile phone (+31) 06- 13 73 22 27

Qualified Complementary Health Therapist: massage & movement therapy & energy healing
– Qualified complementary health therapist since March 2009 & member of  Complementary Health branch LVNT  (previously known as VNT Nederland)
– Licensed in the RBCZ Register for Complementary Health Therapists in the Netherlands
– Qualified massage & movement therapist since June 2004 (Bachelor degree level) Dutch Academy for Massage & Movement Therapy
Trained in deep tissue massage, classic sport massage, reflexology, holistic massage, movement therapy, emotional bodywork (reichian breathwork), emotional stress release therapy, breath therapy, chakra healing, energy healing, therapeutic development, basic medical knowledge & psychology and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
– Upgrade of  basic medical knowledge for therapists including psychological basic knowledge (Bachelor degree level – Dutch PLATO level) – Dutch CPION certified qualification, since June 2015 www.conamore.com

Spiritual (psychic & medium)
Born with strong psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient abilities and “healing hands”. Raised in a family where these Universal Spiritual capacities are quite familiar. I have always been able to see things that other people couldn’t see, like deceased loved ones. Instantly know things about people or places that I have never met before. Over the years these psychic abilities have become a powerful healing instrument. That can be applied to assist you in ways beyond comprehension. (For almost 35 years already). I could write endlessly about this……. Being a super highly sensitive person I can easily assist all HSP persons. I just happen to see, feel and speak the language of the heart! In 2022 I will be offering the workshop Soul Empowerment.

Before I became a complementary health therapist. I studied Biology for 1 year at the University of Amsterdam, hence my love for science. After this year I combined my artistic talents (acting/dancing) with temporary jobs in Business. This enabled me to travel through countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Europe. All these wonderful experiences have enriched my heart and colored my soul even more.

Respect for nature & cultural diversity
I love to spend time outdoors in nature. And have travelled enough to know how fragile wildlife is. Please respect nature and encourage others to do so as well. We can learn a lot from the ways ancient cultures and primitive cultures relate to this planet Earth. They know how to live in harmony with nature. Be open minded to cultural diversity in your environment.
Difference brings colour to your life and broadens your mind.

When I spend a little extra time on you for free. Do something good with it. .
Thank You!