Psychic Photo Reading
The use of a photography enables me to focus directly upon the energy of the person/animal/situation that is captured within it. Through the picture a telepathic connection is created similar to a telephone line. This only works when your intentions are for the highest good for those concerned in your question.
Please bring a photo that depicts one person or animal only. If there are more people/animals captured in the same photo, the psychic photo reading will be a chaotic one. As all energies will go and try to speak to me at the same time.

When to ask for a psychic photo reading?
A psychic photo reading can be done for anyone anytime. Distant psychic photo reading is possible. Practical for situations where someone is not able to meet me personally. Eg illness, children that can’t speak, animals. To heal grief over the loss of a dear one. Clarify sorrowful situations with someone.

A psychic photo reading invites you to accept the present situation more easily by showing you the ‘whole picture’ of that situation. If necessary you can always ask me to end the session with an energy healing.

Always the right answer will be given at the right moment. Usually a simple message that has the ability to activate a healing process in your body, mind & spirit. That will help you make the necessary changes in your present situation, in harmony with your highest good. And so will be of a healing influence to all dear ones involved in your life.

For rates click here  The rates depend on how long you’d like to have the reading. You could either visit my practice in Holland or choose for an online video counselling session. A privacy proof online video counselling system is in use.