Teenagers face huge transformations. From being a child to becoming an adolescent. From Primary school to High school. Hormonal systems change the body. Sexuality, emotions, uncertainty. Awareness of their natural talents and self-power increase their self-confidence. They’d love to be seen as independent and self-reliant. Able to make smart decisions for themselves.

For teenagers the session is focused on increasing their self-confidence, self-acceptance & self-esteem. Improve their body-awareness, their breathing pattern.  Simple techniques how to calm the mindset through acupressure massage & stretching. Emotional stress- release exercises assist in quickly let go of any negative mindset.  This enables them to more easily contact their feelings and know how to deal with it. Being able to to express themselves and take self-responsibility. The balance between setting boundaries and letting yourself go.

Good to know
According to Dutch law parents/guardians have to give their permission to me for therapy.  Children from ages of 12 to 16 have to give me their permission as well to give them therapy and their will is leading. 16-Year-old children are allowed to make their own therapy choice.