WORKSHOP Soul Empowerment
Strengthen your Soul Power. Anchor your Soul’s Blueprint for this lifetime. Be your Highest Self.MILKY WAY GALAXY


Soul Empowerment part 1 – STRENGTHENING
Strengthen all that makes you feel good about yourself. Learn how to manifest your Soul Power in everyday life in a way that serves your highest good as well as that of all you are involved with and the whole planet. Contact your Soul’s Blueprint for this lifetime: your key qualities & your gift to the world. Feel how Soul Empowerment strengthens your body, mind and spirit.

Soul Empowerment 2 – ANCHORING deal with the shadow side
Continue deepening the Soul Empowerment’s flow through your body and mind. The challenge is how to keep this flow going while your mind starts to wander off. All kind of things could pop-up while focusing on Soul Empowerment: your dark side as well as your light side. It’s good to know that all is part of your unique and wonderful Soul. Feel how easy it becomes to anchor your Soul Power in your mind and body.

Soul Empowerment invites you to follow your Soul’s Blueprint for this lifetime in harmony with all that is.

The Workshop Soul Empowerment part 1&2 takes place in one day from 10 AM – 5 PM. It is also possible to split the Soul Empowerment workshop over two different days. In this case you follow part 1 in the morning from 10 AM – 1 PM and part 2 on a different day (free choice) in the afternoon from 2 PM -5 PM.  Choose one of the following days:

Good Friday  10th of April 2020                         Autumn 18th of September 2020
Summer        19th of June 2020                          Winter 18th of December 2020

Workshop Location?
Location is near the Stedelijk Museum & VanGogh Museum, on the edge of the Vondelpark
The Roos, 183 PC Hooft Street, 1071 BW  Amsterdam, the Netherlands (

Program Workshop Soul Empowerment?
10 AM – 1 PM    Soul Empowerment Part 1 -Strengthening
1 PM – 2 PM       Lunch break
2 PM – 5 PM       Soul Empowerment Part 2 – Anchoring / Deal with the shadow side 

Workshop price?
95 Euro (incl 21% VAT) for the Workshop Soul Empowerment part 1 & 2 on the same day.
55 Euro (incl 21% VAT) for each single Workshop part. This applies when you’d rather split the workshop in 2 parts over 2 different days.


Lunch for 5 Euro (1 roll /and a glass of orange juice)  or 6 Euro for soup see for more details the  RoosTearoomMenu look for “Theehuis Menukaart”

Throughout the workshop coffee/tea /water and a little treat will be available for free.

Please note that payment always takes place after the workshop took place. You’ll receive an invoice with my bank account details in it.


More information & Organisation?

Elisabeth van Rijn, over 35 years’ experience in the spiritual healing field.
Click here to find out more about me.

BOMISPI Healing Practice for BOdy, MInd & SPIrit

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