Energy healing sessions have a curative effect on your body, mind & spirit. Energy healing increases your self-awareness (mindfulness) and emotional well-being. Letting go of the past. Stress release makes room for new energy to flow in naturally and restore you. You’ll feel revitalized afterwards in body, mind & spirit.

Energy healing session
During this session we will work on re-balancing the natural flow of energy in the electromagnetic field (aura) that surrounds your body. This ‘ll have a curative effect on longlasting pain & health complaints in your physical body (organs, nervous system, hormonal system, muscles, blood etc) as well. Closes down energy leaks, leads away tensions & clear chakra’s.  Emotional stress release increases your mindset to let go of old traumatic memories. Creating room for new energy to flow in and restore the natural balance in body, mind & spirit. 

Technical information about the energy healing session
Energy healing will be applied along the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, chakra’s could be energized. Breathing and stretching play an important role in influencing your mental state, emotionally, and physically. To assist you in letting go of stuck energy/emotional tensions breathing & stretching techniques can be applied.

Energy healing is part of complementary health therapy
Most Dutch health insurance companies partly restitute the therapy costs. Please check tab ”booking & rates” for more details.